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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to know County software is easy. We'll give full insight on the background of County accounting solutions, and go over everything that may come across as puzzling to you at first sight. How do you setup County software, which features do it include we've answered just about all of the questions that may come to mind when looking into County accounting software. By reading these questions and our answers you will have no more doubts about County accounting solutions and will realize that having these virtual assistants is the best thing that could happen to your business.


County is cloud-based software handling lawful accounting and traceable accounting processes like invoicing, billing, expense and time tracking, projecting etc. on the internet. This software does not take up valuable space on your hard drive as they run in the cloud and work in the web browser. All of your accounting work is stored in a secure online environment and is accessible to you anywhere at any given time. You can summon your bookkeeping through the accounting software's website in your browser, and in many cases also through a mobile website and apps.
Not only is it easier to use than Excel spreadsheets and paper-based accounting, but it is also a perfect alternative for the now obsolete traditional accounting software. Furthermore, your data is always backed up to a safe server, you can access your account anytime, from anywhere. Add to this the benefits of using the mobile apps while on the road and integrating other software and online services into your County accounting software, and you might even start to love accounting!
No, County only requires a browser and a constant internet connection to handle your accounting. There is no software to be downloaded or settings on your computer to be changed whatsoever. You simply open up the County website in your browser, and off you go.
Certainly! County provide a mobile application free of charge usually for IOS and Android platforms. With the apps you can access most of the features of the desktop version of the software, like creating invoices, recording expenses, managing clients and more.
You don't need to be a tech genius to handle such software, because they were mostly developed for people without accounting knowledge. But if you have any problems using the solution, you can always turn to the customer support of the County and ask your questions.
The answer is no. Like we mentioned before, this software was developed with non-accountants in mind, so using it shouldn't be a problem at all.
Yes, you can, just give him/her access to your account and you can start working together. Thus you can speed up the work and make tax preparation and filing faster and easier.
Yes, you can give access to other people to use your account. In fact, you can determine whether you give them limited or full access. However, be careful: only give access to those people whom you trust to avoid data theft!
In some cases, the County employ expert accountants and bookkeepers who are ready to answer your questions if you have problems with your books. But most of the time the company could only give you advice on how to use the software and not on how to do your accountings. Should you have such a problem, we suggest you to turn to your accountant or a professional.


Registering to the services of County usually takes a few minutes, but what happens next depends on the situation. If you are moving from another software, just import the data there from. If you are using such software for the first time, you can either manually enter data or use the auto-import feature available for your contacts, your bank feed, your chart of accounts, etc. Either way, prepare to spend up to a whole day depending on the size of your business and administration.
Thankfully, no. Once you have everything set up in the desktop version, they will appear in the mobile app as well and vice versa thanks to the auto-syncing functions.


Yes, County is perfectly safe and secure. In fact, storing your data in the cloud is even safer than having them on your computer where they can be lost forever due to system crash or external damage. Furthermore, your data is constantly backed up at the end of each day, and they are encrypted in the same sophisticated way as online banking data.
Losing your data due to server failure is virtually impossible. County have multiple servers running at the same time, therefore if one of them goes down another one takes its place. Moreover, these servers are often placed at different physical locations, so if a natural disaster destroys an area that hosts a server farm, the other one will still be safe at a different place. Remember: you lose data if you, and only you, delete it.


There are plenty of different features, but the most important are: invoicing, billing, tracking and recording expenses, time tracking, inventory, check printing, auto-generated business reports and payroll.
Yes, it can, and in many ways. First of all, like we mentioned before, County prepare business reports without intervention, meaning that they are automatically calculated from your incomes and expenses.

Customer Support

County is a paid service, therefore you get all the help you need whether you just started using the software or you are already a pro.
Visit the website of the County company and search for the official opening hours.